[NEWS] New SeeYa is coming back soon!

Female trio SeeYa will come back on October 15th.

With Nam Gyuri out of the group and new member SooMi joining them, SeeYa is finally coming back with new songs on the 15th of the next month. This comeback is particularly important for them because fans are wondering what style of music they will come back with after the new member joined.

The company says, “Wouldn’t there be much change? Original members Kim Yeonji and Lee Boram’s role in the group will be magnified, and the new member SooMi will bring liveliness to the group. There will also be change music-wise as well.”

For ‘New SeeYa’, many hit composers will be participating in their mini album. Jo YoungSoo, who has already shown his brilliance with SeeYa and Kim DoHoon, Park HaeWoon has presented them with songs. Especially, composer Lee MinSoo, who has made BEG’s ‘Abracadabra’ and ‘How Come’ has participated, so it looks like their musical change won’t be little.

This mini album will include new 6 songs.
On the other hand, the fans have their eyes on SooMi, the new member in ‘New SeeYa’. In 2001, SooMi has passed the preliminary round of Park JinYoung’s SBS ‘Brilliant Child Growth Project’. She is 170cm, and have a thin body and a cute face. She also is known to be well-trained in singing, and dancing.

Cr: Translated by YBG@seeya.co.nr + shared by kpoprants@wp

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