[news] G-Dragon Talks About A Few Songs Off His Album, ‘Heartbreaker’

소년이여 (Boy)

Maybee: I’ve heard that you wrote the lyrics as if you were writing in your diary. Feels like I’m peeking into your diary when I listen to this song.

GD: ‘Boy’ is one of the songs I like the most; these are my feelings? thoughts? being in this industry(as a rapper/singer).

Maybee: I heard that it has already been ten years since you’ve come into YG.

GD: I know. It’s been a long time.

Maybee: At what age did you join YG?

GD: I joined when I was about 12-13 years old. It’s almost ten years now.

Maybee: You’ve been in there for almost half the years you’ve lived.

GD: I know- I’m 22 now. I’ve really been in YG for half my life.

Maybee: You went in there even before your teens.

GD: I think I’ve learned a lot being in YG.

Maybee: What were the most difficult situations during those ten years?

GD: I guess it would be during my trainee years. It was the hardest at that time.

Maybee: Where you couldn’t really see your future.

GD: Exactly.

Maybee: What am I going to be in the future?

GD: Worries filled my head, and no one acknowledged me. I worked hard but I had nothing in return.

Maybee: I know I know. What if I just disappear from this industry?- thoughts like that.

GD: But these days, if I think of it now, I miss the trainee days the most. I’ve recently talked to Taeyang about this; I think the trainee years were the best.

Maybee: In what reasons?

GD: Something like- we could practice when we wanted to; when we rested we could actually rest and do a lot of other things. After debuting, you lose your own time. On that side…yea…

Maybee: He debuted in a very young age. If you count in all your trainee years too, we’re not exaggerating by saying that you’ve dedicated your whole life to music. Don’t you sometimes regret about the path you’ve taken when you see yours friends having a ‘normal’ life?

GD: I don’t think I have any regrets about that. It’s something that I really like to do, so if I keep continuing with this, with those friends I achieve something from that. I think personally, that I chose the right path for myself.


Hello (Feat. Dara)

Maybee: Track number five. The title’s ‘Hello’ featuring Sandara.

GD: 2NE1’s Dara.

Maybee: On Music Bank you competed for first place, but when you won first 2NE1 really seemed happy to congratulate you.

GD: Yes they did. I was really thankful. About competing for first place with 2NE1- for the first time I wasn’t there at that place. But 2NE1 seemed happier than me for me winning first place. I was very thankful.

Maybee: What does 2NE1 mean to you, G-Dragon?

GD: CL and Minzy, they’re really like real younger sisters for me; Bom and Dara nuna, they’re like real older sisters for me. It’s like a family, so when I meet them I think it’s quite fun.

Maybee: YG’s really a family. I think you guys really get along with each other.

GD: Everyone’s really nice.

Maybee: Okay. The song’s really good. I wonder if you’ve ever fallen in love at first sight.

GD: Love in first sight? Yes I have.

Maybee: So like walking down the streets and being like ‘oh, she’s my style’.

GD: I’m charmed every day.

Maybee: Really?

GD: I was charmed today too.

Maybee: Where? By whom?

GD: The camera director.

Maybee: You have unique taste. Bora(name).

GD: Yes, Bora.

Maybee: You were charmed by her?

GD: Yes.

Maybee: Are you serious?

GD: I was charmed.

Maybee: She’s turning red now.

GD: Like something-

Gossip Man (Feat. Kim Gunmo)

Maybee: The 6th track, ‘Gossip Man’ featuring Kim Gunmo. Who thought of this featuring first?

GD: ‘Gossip Man’s the first song I worked on out of all the songs in this album. It’s been about a year since I’ve made this song. I made it last year and I had Kim Gunmo sunbaenim(senior) in mind while I was writing this song from the first place. I tried to sound like Kim Gunmo sunbaenim while I was recording the demo version of this song too. Tried to copy how he sings. I’ve always wanted to work with Kim Gunmo sunbaenim from a long time ago. So I asked him and he said yes. I think the song came out well.

Maybee: So did you do the directing(while recording)?

GD: Yes I did. I was really nervous.

Maybee: If something wasn’t satisfying you would have to say “I think you should do it like this here.” Did you say that to him?

GD: Usually when I do directing I don’t usually get nervous. Even if it’s a sunbaenim I point out everything I want to. I couldn’t do that in front of Kim Gunmo sunbaenim. So I kind of said everything indirectly.

Maybee: So what did you do?

GD: When I was like, “Ah- sunbaenim here- um…yes” then he would say “Do you want to try that again?” and then I would be like “Yes, thank you.”

Maybee: I can actually picture that situation. What did you call him?

GD: I usually would’ve said ‘hyungnim’, but it was my first time meeting him so I called him ’sunbaenim’.

Maybee: He’s really nice.

GD: He was very nice to me.

Maybee: Right now Ms. Jo Minjung sent us “Gunmo’s voice is really nice and it sounds good with your voice!”

GD: Me too. I thought our voices would sound good together so I tried it out. He did very well, so-

Maybee: So you have many things in mind while you write. Is there another person that you would like to work with?

GD: Ummm for me Insoonee sunbaenim.

Maybee: Ohh that would be good.

GD: I would like to work with her if I get the chance to.

Butterfly (Feat. Jin Jung)

Maybee: The fourth track ‘Butterfly’ featured by Jin Jung. Who’s Jin Jung?

GD: I don’t really know either.

Maybee: Then connections from your agency?

GD: Not really through my agency(YG). Choice37, who worked with me on this song, knows Jin Jung(who’s older than Choice37) very well. He lives in LA; he’s a composer too; he’s not too young. He sings too; his voice is very good. I bugged Choice37 that I wanted to work with this guy.

Maybee: The voice is very ‘dreamy’.

GD: I first thought it was a female’s voice. A voice that reminds us about the ‘past’. I really liked it.

Maybee: If you see this you can tell that G-Dragon really works hard. Even when you pick the people for featuring. When’s the last time you’ve felt like having butterflies in your stomach, like these lyrics?

GD: Having butterflies?

Maybee: Like being so excited that you look at the mirror millions of times before you go out.

GD: Fluttering…I think I’m like that these days. It’s not because of a girl or anything right now. I feel like that since I’ve started my album activities.

GD: When you do rehearsals for stages, a lot of the performing singers sit in the audience seats and watch you. That makes me really nervous. And since right now there are a whole bunch of girl groups that makes me even flutterier.

Maybee: I don’t know if you all know, but for a performance on air, you have to do a dry rehearsal and a camera rehearsal. Especially the dry rehearsals in the morning, you wear your own clothes and you can watch all the other singers performing. It gets you nervous.

GD: Really nervous. That makes me the most nervous.

Maybee: Early in the morning, not fully prepared(make-up, clothing-wise)

GD: Don’t you get nervous?

Maybee: I get really nervous. Like it makes you more nervous performing in front of other singers than performing in front of your fans.

GD: You feel like you have to work harder.

Translations: Beau @ bbvipz

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