[News] GDragon, “f(x) Sulli is very cute”

GDragon, who is currently promoting his solo debut minialbum, has picked f(x) member Sulli as the cutest junior singer.

GDragon was on ‘Jung SeonHee Love FM’ aired on 9th September, when they mentioned about f(x) member Sulli during their talk on the radio show.

Jung SeonHee has asked, “What do you think about love?”, and GDragon replied, “Throwing it all out”. And then she asked, “What is your ideal style?” and he answered, “Cute girls”.

GDragon said, “(Recently) There are so many female groups. And if I go, there won’t be much talking, it’s like bullying… And I become the seonbae. The juniors will all call me “seonbae nim”, it is really amazing.”

And Jung SeonHee said, “Is there any juniors from the girlgroups recently who is cute?”, and GDragon said, “For me, group f(x) member Sulli is cute It seems to me she is really cute.”

And then worrying about Jung SeonHee having misunderstand that he has referred to Sulli has his ideal type, he said, “She is cute as a junior.”

Meanwhile, GDragon is currently promoting his solo debut ‘Heartbreaker’, which is doing very well occupying the #1 position on various on and offline music charts.


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  1. Jaz says:

    haha i agree ! sulli is so cute

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