[PICTURE] f(x) Amber pre-debut picture

Netizens seem to have dug up an old photo of f(x)'s Amber, who has recently received much attention for her boyish looks with the debut of SM Entertainment's newest girl group.

The pre-debut photo was found on MyChurch.org, a Christian social networking website.

Canoga Park, CA

God is the center of my life, im not perfect but i try to be the best for Him,

i want to praise and give back to Him through my singing, although im
not the best i trust He'll help me as my life goes on. its not my time to shine, but His.

love praising my God, day and night, trying to live for him 24/7,
with Him all things are possible, with Him i can do anything.


chinese, korean, japanese.

God's Word

Banjun drama

credits to allkpop

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  1. Safyah says:

    omg so cute! thanks for sharing!! ^^

  2. d'petals says:

    absolutely boyish looks..
    but its ok, she's cute~

  3. Anonymous says:

    ohh tat means she is religious also??? wahhh admiring her more....

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