[news] GDragon ‘Heartbreaker’ plagiarised as ‘CD Breaker’?

Amidst all the plagiarism criticisms against GDragon on his solo debut song ‘Heartbreaker’, a netizen (going by peopleof) did a parody to the song calling it ‘CD Breaker’.

The netizen uploaded the song ‘CD Breaker’ online on 14th September changing the lyrics to ‘HeartBreaker’.

And the parody has attracted netizens’ heated debate over the internet.

And at the end of the song, a narration goes, “Isn’t it all noise marketing. Actually I love the song. I like hyung a lot.”

The homepage where song parodised by ‘peopleof’ was revealed received more than 28,000 views in just 1 day on 15th September.

Netizens say, “Great parody”, “Well made”, “Doesn’t lose to original version of the song”. While other said, “Another witch hunt”, “The judgement on whether the song is a plagiarism work is not even out, isn’t this too thoughtless?”

‘peopleof’ refuted with, “This song is not a disrepect, it is just a remix. I’m a Big Bang fan too, I felt bad about the plagiarism criticisms too. Of course there will be GDragon fans or GDragon himself who will feel unhappy about this video, but if you cannot accept this parody, it seems there is this problem of awareness in our country.”

This netizen also posted up a post on all the Big Bang merchandize he bought to show that he is a Big Bang fan: http://blog.naver.com/peopleof/70069273025

cr: sookyeong

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  1. Anonymous says:

    watever..gd still has millions fan who support him!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very well and Most Excillent said first Anonymous. Like I have said in my other post about people saying G-Dragon is copying others music, just because a minority is better and getting reconized by the world doesn't mean you have to hate and then try to make everyone hate him or her too. If it sounds good then just listen and stop the bad talkings. If you are truly a big fan of Big Bang, You should have thought before you did that remix. now you just got the fans around the world very angry! G-DRANGON all the way .

  3. Anonymous says:

    GET A LIFE to whoever that remixed this song.. can ppl just leave gd alone???? he had more than enough..

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