[NEWS] Heechul Sheds Tears Because Of Other Members

Kim Heechul, who recently made a comeback with his acting job through SBS’s new weekend drama “I love you ten million times” has revealed that he had shed tears because of the other members’ honest and warm words.

Kim Heechul who had debuted as an actor through KBS drama “Sharp 2″ in 2005 in a recent interview with Star News has said that it had taken him a lot of time to remember all the name of SJ’s members.

Kim Heechul said “I had a hard time with Super Junior’s members because I spend too much time on acting”, “There was a time I was in a drama so I couldn’t go to practice room. So when I joined them after a long time, the other members were like ‘Hyung, we had practiced with your spot left blank. You simply can join in later’ and ‘I only think about you but you just see the members that you’re close with, I feel so sad”

He continued with “In the restroom, my tears pour out without knowing” and “I feel both sorry and thankful to other members at the same time”, “I only think about myself that need doing well. I’m so happy that I can be with the members like that”

In fact recently, Super Junior had a summer vacation in Kangwondo, they had time to share things and talk to each other and to strengthen their true friendship.

Kim Heechul said “Now the teamwork of Super Junior is the best”, “I’m a person who has change my own mind, the wall (that I built around my heart) has been dissapeared completely and because I have them (the other members) who are really like a family that I truly feel happy and thankful every second” showing his love for his members.

Source: Star MT News
Translations: evanesco@sj-world

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow..heenim hwaiting!!! heenim jjang... saranghae.. sj hwaiting! *spazzin mode over sj-m*

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is so sweet of the rest of the members...
    suju fighting!!

  3. Liqin says:

    Super junior is always soo good ^.^
    ELFs are proud to be their fan!!!!

  4. we all noe how close super junior is
    they're like family
    real oness
    n im proud to be their fan

  5. Anonymous says:

    Heechul hwaiting!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    totally agree with zoe!!

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