[news] Henry Lau leaves a message at thirdchapter

He also left a message on euphonic XD

hey !
I just wanted let everyone know I got the presents today. A very adorable fan in Chang Sha delivered it today at the airport! Fish and I just wanted to say thanx for your thoughtfulness, hard-work, and support! And just to let you all know it’s not how much a present costs that makes us happy…it’s the thought!! Us being able to receive the presents/letters all the way here is already… WOW lol
well cya everyone!
* I hope i posted in the right place..

Credit: thirdchapter.org

bahah, he calls donghae fish too?? lol XD

cr: sapphirepearls

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  1. xSafyahx says:

    lol cute :] can someone PUH LEASE tell me if he wrote this in english or was it translated???

  2. Anonymous says:

    from what website is this?

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