[news] The ideal men for 2PM’s ideal ladies?

Recently, members of beasty idol group 2PM have all revealed their ideal type of girls and has attracted the attention of fans.

Who are these ideal type of girls for the 2PM members, and how about the ideal type of guy chosen by these ideal girls?

Nich Khun -> YoonA-> Yeon Jung Hoon

Nich Khun who appeared on KBS SangSang Plus 2 aired on 1st September has picked So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA as his ideal type of girl. He had said, “YoonA has a very pretty and beautiful smile” and his confession has broken the hearts (?) of many noona fans.

While for YoonA, her ideal type of husband is Yeon JungHoon. YoonA
was on KBS Champagne recently and revealed that her ideal type of guy has always been Yeon JungHoon.
JaeBum -> Jessica -> Daniel Henney

Another 2PM member JaeBum also revealed that his ideal type of girl through an interview recently is So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica. He revealed that he like Jessica’s cute and sexy style.

Also during the idols show season 3 on MBC Every1 channel recently, JaeBum has also done a dance just for Jessica. JaeBum is not the only celebrity who has confessed their liking for Jessica, there was also SG Wannabe member Lee SeokHoon .

But for Jessica, her ideal type of guy is actor Daniel Henney and singer Rain. It seems that for a young female idol like Jessica, she has the liking for guys with more matured and gentleman image.
TaekYeon -> Ha JiWon-> Park JiSun

And for member TaekYeon has revealed that his ideal type of woman to be actress Ha Ji Won. While both Nich Khun and JaeBum has chosen So Nyeo Shi Dae members are their ideal type of girls, TaekYeon has chosen a more matured female celebrity – much to the interests of noona fans.

Member Nich Khun revealed, “TaekYeon really like Ha Ji Won. We were eating a restaurant recentlt and there is this soju advertisement by Ha Ji Won and he went ‘Wa! Sexy’.”

Ha JiWon is popular amongst many younger male celebrities. Recently at the preview screening of ‘Itaewon Homicide Case’, actor Jang GeunSeok has chosen Ha JiWon as his ideal type of woman. Ha Ji Won has responded to this by saying that she will invited TaekYeon and Jang GeunSeok to the preview screening of her new movie ‘My love by my side’.

But for Ha Ji Won, her ideal type of man is actually soccer player Park JiSun. Ha Ji Won, “I can only fall for Park JiSun for his passing of the ball to the striker which will go in as a goal.”
The other 2PM members

* Both ChanSung and Nich Khun have picked YoonA as their ideal type of girl
* Nich Khun, who has been picked as one of the most popular male celebrities on online sites, “Honestly I do not try to stand out. I also don’t know what are my charms”. But WooYoung and JaeBum has pointed out that Nich Khun is in charge of the looks of the group.

source: Kbites

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