[news] Ivy and Wheesung side by side?

Ah, one cannot read their names and not think of the mess of a scandal that led singer Ivy to lie way below the Kpop radar 2 years ago. For the time being, we can hope that they will let bygones be bygones. It’s been a while since we saw their names together side by side, and coincidentally both Ivy and Wheesung will be making their respective comebacks in October. Needless to say, fans’ expectations are high as both artists are attracting extraordinary attention. Looks like it’s going to be hot this fall!

Wheesung returns on October 8 with his 6th album “Vocolate”, which is comprised of “Vocal” and “Chocolate”. There will be a total of 12 tracks, and as typical of Wheesung, the album will have R&B numbers as well as ballads and dance tracks. Plus, we’ve got his American debut with Universal Music and producer Rodney Jerkins (Dark Child) to look forward to as well.

Ivy, whose comeback has been highly anticipated, will once again make her splash onto the Kpop scene in late October. Ivy’s homepage launches today and will showcase her reign back in 2007, the ‘Ivy Syndrome’ with her 2nd album craze, as it leads up to her comeback. Her homepage will introduce undisclosed photos, rehearsal clips, and choreography practices—essentially a behind-the-scenes documentary during the making of her third album. The website will continuously be updated for the next 30 days and is the only place where fans can connect and keep track of the singer’s preparation for her re-appearance to the Kpop scene.

Let’s all hope for a more amicable professional relationship between these two! They’re both talented performers in their own right and it’d be a shame to let their private lives overshadow their careers again.

credit: gladlybeyondme @ seoulbeats

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