[news] Jo Kwon, “I have been confessed to by group female singer”

2AM Jo Kwon talks about being confessed to by group female singers.

Jo Kwon appeared as one of the MCs to the new SBS environmental variety show ‘Find it! Green Gold’ on 14th September, and SS501 member Kim HyungJoon has asked the question, “Have you been confessed to by more than 1 female entertainer?” and Jo Kwon answered, “Yes”.

And then Fly To The Sky Brain asked, “Group singer? Solo singer?” hoping for a truthful answer, and then Super Junior ShinDong interrupted with, “OK, we shall stop here” giving hope to Jo Kwon to change the topic.

But Jo Kwon had gone to answer Brian’s question, “Group”. And ShinDong joked, “Since you said group, we shall not ask if she is a singer or actress.”

The show features 2AM’s Jo Kwon, SS501 Kim Hyung Joon, Super Junior Shin Dong and Brian Joo as MCs going around to places on their bicycle and solving environmental problems they spot.

Source: kbites- sookyeong

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