[NEWS] Jung Yunho + Ara’s Mothers Make Lunch For 80 Staff Members Of HTTG

TVXQ’s Jung Yunho (U-Know Yunho) and Ara’s mothers made lunch for the staff of MBC’s ‘Heading to the Ground’.

Jung Yunho and Ara’s mothers, who always felt bad for the staff and cast members of ‘Heading to the Ground’ who would film all night long and skip meals because of time constraints due to a hectic schedule, packed lunches with care for the 80 or so staff and cast members.

When Ara’s mother heard that all the main characters of the drama were getting together on the 11th at Jeolla Province Gwanju’s Joseon University Hospital to film, she visited them during their lunch break.

Ara’s mother, who said she wanted to take care of, not only her daughter Ara, but also Jung Yunho, Lee Yunji, Lee Sangyoon and all the other cast members and staff because she considered them all her children, hand delivered lunch boxes she had ordered for everyone on location.

After that, on the 12th, Jung Yunho’s mother also visited on location with food that she had prepared herself such as yukhoe ( Korean beef Tartare), and dotorimuk (Acorn Jelly Salad) and brought everyone even closer than before with her warm kindness.

A crowd of high school girls flocked to the Joseon University Hospital to see the lead roles Jung Yunho, Ara, Lee Yunji, Lee Sangyoon and the rest of the cast members as well. Staff members worried that the high school girls, who had packed themselves around the hospital, might distract or disturb the actors while they were filming but as soon as filming started, the girls stayed very quiet and were not disorderly, thus allowing the filming to end safely and quickly.

Source: [newsen+DNBN]
Translations: jeeelim5@tohosomnia

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