[news] JYP stylist shows her love for Jay

“A cold winter, I met a friend who had a charming smile.
Was it because I saw him on my birthday?
I can’t forget the day when we first met.
It was a showcase for trainees.
In order to do styling and meet trainees as a staff, I also met a friend at my age when I came in my office.
According to our manager of the developing trainee department, He was a child who understood Korean just a little and was learning it step by step.
He spoke Korean together with English and wore Hip-Hop style clothes that were seen in the movie ‘Step Up’.

He is a friend who was uncomfortable in skinny jeans that I bought.
A friend who fits on a shirt without sleeve,
A friend who has a tender heart, who worried about me and said “Don’t push yourself too much” when I caught a cold and had a hard time.
A friend who texts message slowly because he is still learning Korean,
A friend who has different eyes on stage,
A friend who is more shining on stage than others,
A friend who looks cold when he doesn’t say anything but in the reality he is more kind than others.
A friend who rarely shows his feeling but takes care of his little brothers and co-workers silently.
He is a boy who loves Korea and wants to get to know Korea.
You all know that it’s hard to live without friends and relatives in a strange country, right?
We say it’s “Our country” as we live and exist in the country, don’t we?
For Jaebeom, Korea is already ‘Our country’.
Please give him a hug again when he overcomes everything and returns.
You must come back…you are as strong as you are weak.
Get over it and come back to work together again…my friend…”

credit: 2pm-online.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    :( it makes me tear.

  2. this is too much
    im devastated!
    jaebum..pls comeback!

  3. Anonymous says:

    this makes me cry
    jaebum needs to come back

  4. Anonymous says:

    gosh. i felt so sad again and teary-eyed...

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