[News] JYP, “We are still deciding on whether to have JaeBum go on broadcast shows” *Update*

Plans for 2PM JaeBum’s future appearances on broadcast programmes have yet been decided.

A representative from 2PM’s company JYP Entertainment said in an interview on 6th September, “We are still discussing whether to have him do on shows like ‘NoDaZi’. We have not come to a decision yet.”

The representative revealed that if fast enough, the decision will be finalised by 7th September.

JaeBum has posted up messages on his personal MySpace page on different occasions in 2005 and 2007 which had offended many Koreans. Some of the messages he wrote were offending to Koreans like ‘Korea is gay’, ‘I want to go back to the States’.

Even though JaeBum has posted up an apology on 2PM’s fansite on 5th September saying:

… I would like to apologize for the words I typed on myspace a few years ago. Sorry. I would like to explain my feelings then and apologize for them.

I returned to Korea in Jan 05 when I was a high school student. Being born and bred in America, I had hardly any understanding of Korea, and when I first came to Korea, I couldn’t speak the language, couldn’t adapt to the food, and didn’t know and didn’t understand Korean culture

My family was all in America and when I came to Korea it seemed like everyone was being cold to me. I had no idea when I would debut and I was really lonely. It was a really difficult and lonely period for me due to various reasons. I missed home, felt like giving up and wanted to go back to my family in America.

I posted such things because I really hated how I was living then and got really worked up. I was really young then and didn’t express myself well’ ‘I was young, didn’t have enough sense and because it was a difficult period, and I made these mistakes due to the situations I was facing at that point in time.

And as time passed I forgot that I had ever posted such things. Looking back, I’m really sorry and embarrassed for writing such things. I have since adapted to Korea and completely changed my mind set. I’m thankful for all everything I went through so that I could perform on stage. I posted those words 4 years ago and I have completely changed since then…

But the apology has not seem to calm the situation and many netizens are calling for him to be banned from broadcast shows and even from the group.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think netizens are really stupid and make such a big deal out of everything. They need to be in jaebum's shoes 4 years ago. Living in a different country and everything is so different so of course jaebum had negative thoughts about korea. and it's not like he said korea is gay recently. it was 4 freaking years ago. it's the past. past is the past. why the hell they bought it up again? gawd. i don't understand. but i totally understand jaebum's feeling 4 years ago. because when i first moved to US. people are so cold to me and always pick on me. and i have negative thoughts about US as well. i used to dislike US but now since i live in US for a long time and i used to the environment and i like US now just like jaebum used to korea and he likes korea. he doesn't think korea is gay so i think netizens should stop being stupid and leave jaebum alone. i support jaebum. 2pm forever <33

  2. Anonymous says:

    His explanation is FULLY acceptable and UNDERSTANDABLE. People should relax.

  3. Minako says:

    Yeah totally. I know he's in the wrong but why dig up the past? He did apologize and feel ashamed of himself, so why can't they just give him another chance? It's not like he has made a lot of mistakes but still don't wanna change right?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, its understandable! What if you were in Korea all alone, not being able to adapt to the food, the culture and the people?
    JaeBum, we support you!

  5. Anonymous says:

    yaahhh~~ i understand, fans in korea might angry with him. but, come on... why cant they understand him?? US and KOREA have different cultures. aish, if korean didnt accept him.. then, i believe HOTTEST from other country dont have problems to accept him. hah!! NO JAY NO 2PM~~~
    soon, this issue will end by itself~~~ 2PM fighting!!!

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