[news] KARA Speaks for the Common Man

According to an article posted a several days ago in Hankyung, KARA have made the “common worker” image popular. Let’s see if you and I can piece this together.

The article does mention that it is typically difficult for girl idol groups to project anything beyond a “fairy” persona, quote, “enough not to even use the restroom in public”! “Therefore, by instilling their female charms, they create an ‘ideal girlfriend’ image for male fans” (*cough* SNSD *cough*).

I agree with that statement to a point. The “fairy” image has been phased out for the time being, and initially it looked as though KARA would follow in the same vein.
Apparently KARA’s move towards the blue collar concept was revealing their completely plain, ordinary, run-of-the-mill dorm compared to those of other companies.

I can follow the entire concept of this article in the sense that Kara brings something different to the kpop table, and they brought it at the right time. The look, the staging, the music for girl groups, is glitzy, over the top, slinky, sexy, mature beyond their years.

But then you have young, pretty KARA, shaking their little rumps, just being their original selves. They’re the surburban girls in a sea of socialites. It’s refreshing, in a way.

Word is DSP entertainment may not approve of KARA’s current image. But I can’t comprehend how they can be up in arms, with all CFs they’ve been raking in lately.
The girls have recently started a new campaign for Lesmore -

Ugh, just reminds me that cold weather is coming. For the Karaholics who actually read all the way through, here’s the CF and behind-the-scenes footage of the CF.

credit: Hankyung
Translated by: thebuddybud @ karaholic.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah!!! that's what make me love KARA more!!!

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