[news] Leeteuk is "bomb-shell idol" & Kangin is "idol of general knowledge" + Leeteuk ♥'s Lee Sooman

On the 1st epsidoe of KBS drama channel "Human network - Super Junior's miracle" which will be aired at 8.00PM on September 5th, Super Junior's members will have to take a quiz called "Idol of general knowledge - Umbrella quiz" to test their quality to be the MCs. The member who is ranked #1 will be receive "Idol of general knowledge" award and the one who is ranked at last will be called "bomb-shell idol".

"Umbrella quiz" contains questions about present events, history and common knowledge. On that day, Kangin who even got the difficult question right was ranked #1 and honored as "Idol of general knowledge", after that he said to the other members "You guys dont read newspaper, do you ? I'm a person like that ! (a person who read newspaper)". On the other side, Leeteuk who couldnt even get a answer right until the end was called "bomb-shell idol" and got a banter "That person is our leader" from the other members.

Also, when MC Park Kyunglim and singer Lee Sooyoung asked Leeteuk "Who is your life's mentor/adviser ?", he had said without hesitance that person is Lee Sooman. Leeteuk said "He is the person who help me achieve my dream being a singer, help me realize the meaning of the family" and "I thank him for helping me not to quit my dream in the hard times". The other members Kangin, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Shindong after being surprised because of Leeteuk's sudden action also made a heart-shape with their hands and said they love him (LSM) too which made everybody laughing.

Credit: evanesco @ sj-world.net

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