[news] Man killed because he didn’t know ‘Nobody'

We all know that the hit song, Nobody by the Wonder Girls is a global phenomenon. But no one would have expected this to have happen. A man in the Philippines was apparently was stabbed in the stomach and hit in the head till he was dead because he didn’t know the song, Nobody.

His name was Leo Santos, 28, and killed by 4 men from Tondo, Manila. The knife used was even left in the guy’s body and the whole murder was because he doesn’t know the song ‘Nobody’ by Wonder Girls.

Santos, an electrician from Callejon 1, Block 1, Lot 19, Corregidor St., Mahomas Compound, Tondo, Manila and was stabbed 2 times in the stomach and hit to death on 26th August. He died last Thursday at Memorial Medical Center after succumbing to his fatal injuries..

The Manila Police District-Homicide Section is now looking for the suspects Jansen Maglanque, Jonar Balagtas, Rodolfo Aguas a.k.a. Joseph and they will be facing the case – Murder.

According to the investigation, Leo Santos was walking along the Corregidor Street around 2am when Joseph was singing NOBODY by Wonder Girls. Leo asked him, “What are you singing?”

The suspect Joseph got irritated because Leo doesn’t know the song he was singing. What Joseph did was he punched Leo in the face.

The other suspects joined Joseph as he beat Leo to death. The other suspect (the news didn’t say who) even stabbed Leo in the stomach 2 times and then all of them ran away.

The family wasn’t able to report it at once as they only told the police yesterday afternoon because the family decided that taking care of Leo’s hospital issues and now funeral arrangement is more important.

[Source: allkpop]
Credit: wonderfulsworld

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow tis is stupid == they could just intro the song to tad guy instead of killin him! its just pure stupidity! ugh....

  2. Anonymous says:

    whats happening to the world these days.. aiih.. srsly.

  3. Anonymous says:


    ppl r getting ridiculous

  4. Anonymous says:

    yeah what happen to the people this day , they are getting craziy and insane hm they should meet some pskiater -___-

  5. Anonymous says:

    it's truly stupid!!
    how could they do that??
    where's humanization??

  6. Anonymous says:

    it's totally bad..
    how could this happen?
    just bcoz of small thing like this they killed him..
    what happen to people nowadays..
    they just too cruel to other human being..

  7. Anonymous says:

    i guess Kpop drives people crazy. Even till the extend of murder. =X

  8. Anonymous says:

    At least, he didn't die a 'nobody'. LOL,

  9. Anonymous says:

    i think this is not true.
    i am 100% sure that this is a fake issue..
    i dont know what to say.... OMG
    i dont believe with this. OH gosh.

  10. John says:

    i am from philippines.
    dont believe on this.

  11. Anonymous says:

    blame the song.. lol, just kdding. man, that's totally wacked. :(
    i'm from the phil too. :(

  12. ain says:

    The issue seems serious... i mean, A MAN ACTUALLY DIES!!! but i just can't stop laughing. pure stupidity!!! this definitely can't be true haha~

  13. Anonymous says:

    WTF? WOW....unacceptable. Those are some people...

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    Humanity. *facepalm*

  16. Anonymous says:

    this is just..
    seriously, is there a need to go that far?
    i mean...they could've just sung the song,
    and maybe he'll like it then..
    and then support them!!

  17. isabel says:

    yah this is stupid..

  18. Anonymous says:

    im from philippine and i haven't hear any news about this...
    i totally think that this is fake!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    this is stupid..!!
    a man died just bec. of a very small thing.
    soo ridiculous
    i just can't believe this.!!!
    soo much fake

  20. Anonymous says:

    what a dick!!! i thought korean people are fanatic but aiyaiyai pilipino more fuckin crazy...get a life pilak!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    its really unbelievable, i think olso this is not true!!!becuz its really just such a small thing life will be sacrifice?life will be vanished?come on!!!sorry for who posting this, i just can't believed of what the article contain!!!soo much stupid,ridiculous,and fake!!! im from the philippines too...im really happy when i heard and read about kpop music is now fame in the phil. but in this kind of situation i really felt sorry and disgusted...

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