[news] Multi-talent Gu Hye Sun: ‘Actually it’s all in preparations for my movie’

Actress, Artist, Writer, Composer, Movie Director.

These are just some of the titles that Gu Hye Sun has acquired over the past few months. As most of you may have heard by now, Gu Hye Sun will be releasing her first album titled 'Breathe’ on the 4th. This album is a collaboration with new age pianist Isao Sasaki from Japan and also features Gummy from YG Entertainment. Breathe is a collection of 9 songs, mostly piano-based.

This afternoon, Gu Hye Sun participated in the press conference for her mini music concert that is going to be held tomorrow. During the press conference, she expresses her embarrassment at being labeled ‘multi-talented’ and replied that all these activities were helpful in improving her acting skills too.

Gu Hye Sun: ‘Recently, the trend is of fast-paced and modern music but instead, I chose to go old-school. I received alot of influence from both Isao Sasaki and YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk.’

She also revealed that all her recent activities are actually preparations for her upcoming movie. Breathe can also be regarded as the movie OST. When questioned further on details, Gu Hye Sun said the it will be a mysterious music-style movie revolving around the story of a female cellist.

On her possible debut as a professional singer…

Actually I did a recording with Isao Sasaki in Japan. I never thought that I am very good in singing. Before the recording, I believe that I will be competent enough. But after hearing Gummy’s recording, I though to myself ‘Ah. Singing should be best left to the professional singers’

- Gu Hye Sun

When questioned on whether she will be officially making her foray into kpop, she replied that there are so many excellent idol singers/groups out there and it will be difficult for her compete with them.

During the press conference, Gu Hye Sun performed 2 songs 별별이별 and 골목을 돌면 together with Isao Sasaki.

The mini music concert, titled Over the Rainbow, will be held tomorrow in the recently renovated Oorigeumyoong Art Hall, at Seoul Olympic Park.

via YonHap News, CBS

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I do love this girl a lot. She's humble to say the least. And despite what she says, maybe she isn't GREAT at one thing(?) but at least she's trying all of them. Taking advantage of life and all.

    Good job Gu Hye Sun~! Hwaiting~

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hope she is the one sing not gummy. I feel her voice better than gummy. When i listen gummy voice it feel to slow and her voice is like low. Why Ku Hye Sun not sing her music. You have a good voice I hear all your song. Hope you are the one sing not some one else. You better because you can feel it, you are the one compost.

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