[news] Pancake Khemmanit to work with Super Junior

Pancake Khemmanit’s hotness has no stopping to it. She is preparing herself to work with Super Junior all the way from the land of kimchi. It will be the same commercial that once was offered to Aump Patcharapa who has worked with Super Junior before. Pancake discards of her stealing the light from Aump, but does admit that she is learning Korean for the CF that will start shooting at the end of this month. As for how much she is getting paid for this CF, she wants to keep that silent.
You can say that she is hot at the moment that her schedule is never taking a break. From lakorns, being a presenter, and appearing at events is never a rest for Pancake Khemmanit Jamikorn. As she was spotted with a very happy face and a smile from ear to ear as she was asked if the rumors of her becoming a presenter for 12 plus is true.
When Pancake was approached and asked about her good news, Pancake admitted that she did get the job for the commercial and that at the end of September shooting will commence.
“There really is a CF for this, but we haven’t started shooting for this yet. If when we get done then I can tell you more details about it. If you ask me which members of Super Junior I’ll be shooting the CF with, well I’m not sure yet as to who it is. I’m not sure if it’s all of Super Junior or just a few members. This I really don’t know. I’m excited about this. It’s something different and fun. When shooting finishes or even starts everyone will get to see how it’s like. I am not going International, but more like Super Junior is going International for coming into Thailand. They will be here in Thailand and shooting will start at the end of this month. As for the location, I’m not sure of it also.”
Why do you think that the company contacted you and wanted you specifically for their advertisements and how did they contact you?
“I’m not sure as to why they have chosen me. This you might have to talk to my mother about it. I just see this as a job that seems interesting to me.”
When asked if she is afraid that people might criticize her for stealing Aump Patcharapa’s crown, who was the presenter for this CF before Pancake. Pancake responded to this matter,
“Truthfully, I think this is a different product from Aump’s. Nothing can be compared to one another and I’m not taking over.”
When asked how she felt about being able to work on a CF with Super Junior, Pancake replied,
“I am very excited. I have never worked with them and don’t know if the way they do things will be different. As for the Korean language, I’m just learning the basics.”
cr:[News via SiamDara][http://dirtiilaundry.wordpress.com]
SJ schedule for the cf shooting:
7 members will be flying separately to Thailand for the shooting of the new CF.
September 23 ~ 26 Kangin Shindong Sungmin
September 24 ~ 27 Eeteuk Eunhyuk
No flight details for Siwon and Donghae. Estimate that they will fly to Thailand from China directly.
Source: HeyFishere + ELFISH.cc
Translation from Chinese to English: viragis@SJ-WORLD.net

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