[NEWS] Park Kyunglim: “If Kangin Weren’t a Singer, He Could Become a Swindler”

MC Park Kyunglim said to Kangin, her close hoobae and favorite dongsaeng that if he werent a singer, he would become a swindler.

On the show KBS Drama Human network “Super Junior’s miracle” with the guests are T-ara, Kangin had done a magic of moving the flowers in front of everybody to choose a member from T-ara to make a couple with him. Kangin with his magic performance had moved a flower and made it come out from T-ara’s magnae Jiyeon’s bag but in fact, Kangin had put a flower in her bag beforehand.

After the magic perfomance, Kangin had waited for her hot reaction but everybody just gave him a banter. They confessed that they had told Jiyeon Kangin’s secret before, thus making Kangin loose confidence and make people in the filming scene laughing. MC Park Kyunglim said “If Kangin werent a singer, he could become a swindler”

Also, when Jiyeon expressed her problem “Although I’m team’s magnae but I don’t look like one”, Kangin said “It’s OK because it’s only you who have charm, so would you like to meet (see/date) me ?” thus expressing his bold proposal to Jiyeon.

The show will be aired at 8.00PM on September 12th.

Source: Newsen, MyDaily
Translations: evanesco@sj-world

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i hate T-ara ==' . and dont ask me why

  2. Anonymous says:

    i think it should be KARA, not T-ara (?!)

  3. Anonymous says:

    No , they are two individual groups. T-ara is one , Kara is another.

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