[news] Police to turn over Kang-in case to prosecutors within week

Police are expected to turn over an assault case involving Super Junior member Kang-in to prosecutors within the week, according to police on Wednesday.

"We plan to turn over the case this week at the latest to have them indicted for assault," said an official at Seoul Gangnam Police Station.

Police on Monday had booked seven people, including Kang-in, for engaging in a fight at a bar a week ago.

The 24-year-old singer had denied being violent but closed circuit television footage confirmed that he got into a physical scuffle with a customer who continuously followed him around to try and pick a fight.

Kang-in is a vocal of the 13-member group which is widely popular throughout Asia.

Source: asiae.co.kr

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  1. Chocoscopy says:

    Kangin-oppa. Fighting! >.<

    Don't listen to anybody who gives you hate messages! SuJu will forever be 13, m'kay?!

  2. Anonymous says:

    throw him in prison and kick him out of super junior. disgrace to the entertainment industry and acts so selfishly.

  3. Anonymous says:

    wonderin... if sum1 punched u, wont u punch back??
    siding kangin or nt, he is still human. if i were him, i would punch back 2.
    unless u wan much more severe injuries you can just let him hit u and spread rumors that u hit him and he hits back and he states tad u wouldnt fight back.
    its just any normal person's reaction. let em deal wif it n its over.

  4. krw says:

    he must have denied it because he did not hit the person on purpose, i mean its stupid if someone hits you and you dont defend yourself right?

    you wanna let the person hit kangin till he get injured before you get before? omg they alr said its for defence.

    sj haters shouldnt even be here to bash him srsly karma will hit you right back just wait.

    "throw him in prison and kick him out of super junior. disgrace to the entertainment industry and acts so selfishly"

    srsly you're a disgrace to human race. which part of his action shows selfishness?!? lets see if you'l defend yourself when someone hits you -.-

  5. Cinta says:

    @ the second bitch who writes. if u hate suju so much, dont even bother to comment. u r just being annoying. okay, kangin is guilty cuz he punch a guy or 2, SO WHAT!? do u even care about this? dont make the e.l.fs feel bad. u r such a bitch.

    KANGIN HWAITING!!! suju will last!! HWAITINHG

  6. Anonymous says:

    lets not care all those people..
    they will have their karma one day!
    n i really hope kangin will be okie!
    he did it for self defence so its not his fault..
    if a person dare to punch me i tink i might kill him or her.. =p
    so its okie! =)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dont have to even care about what others say.
    These people seriously get a life.

    To Elfs & anyone who love you will understand.
    Oppa still have other Suju oppas with you.


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