[news] Rain's agency to fight back against lawsuit

Korean pop sensation Rain's agency J.Tune Entertainment issued a statement on Thursday, saying it will take strong measures against a lawsuit filed against its company.

La Cle Creative had submitted a lawsuit to the Seoul Central District Court on Wednesday, seeking over USD 830,000 for losses incurred by J.Tune which "failed to faithfully carry out its terms of contract regarding joint business deals and investment in Rain's showcase last year."

"We do not know for what reason they say they suffered losses to such an extent but we will hire an attorney and take strong action," J.Tune said in the statement.

J.Tune admitted the two companies had signed a contract in which they would cooperate on various businesses regarding the pop star, but added it was based on the condition that they would also be able to reach agreements with other related companies.

"We made it clear when we were signing the deal, that there would not be a minimum guarantee nor compensation of any sort if the deal falls through over differences in opinion with other companies," J.Tune explained.

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, is founder and CEO of entertainment and media company J.Tune which he started up in late November.

Source: asiae.co.kr

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