[news] Report on Super Junior in Hong Kong

Sina Entertainment News. Yesterday, 17th September, relying on the intense popularity of songs like , etc, Super Junior, who have caused a wind of Korean pretty boys in Asia have arrived in Hong Kong, for the press conference for their concert to be held in the Hong Kong Asian International Expo. Chinese member, Hangeng, exposed during the press conference that he really loves eating Hong Kong’s ‘beef ball noodles’.

From leaving the plane till arriving at the press conference which was held at the Skycity Marriott Hotel, throughout the entire journey hundreds of fans followed closely, a moment’s unlimited charm. & from the start the ten men who introduced themselves in fluent Mandarin showed what really sets Super Junior apart as a international group. Hangeng, who hails from Heilongjiang, stood out among the group of Korean pretty boys, as he leads the Super Junior sub-group, SJM, whom have just released their second album , immediately received a heated response, once in China, “land-owner” Hangeng represents the entire group shows his “bottomless ambition”, & that is that one day they’ll be able to hold a Super Junior concert in Hong Kong’s Hong Kan Stadium.

Hangeng, who’s the third oldest in the group, has many many groups of fans from China, Korea, Thailand & even the West, & even more through starring in the drama has become the representative of a new strength among the acting circles. On the outside he looks stable & calm, but in private he’s actually a passionate lover of food, once coming to Hong Kong quickly pointing out that his favorite is the ‘beef ball noodles’.

original; sina
translation credits; fragment @ sj-world.net

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