[news] SHINee's Iple Messages

Onew Message

Hello ^^ I’m SHINee’s leader, Onew!!!!

Ahjajajajaja ! Are you getting our UFO replies lately? ~
I wanted to talk to everyone so before I sleep I texted back!
I’m finally writing on the Official Home Page!
Wahahahaha ^^I’m so happy! (like speechless)

It seems like it’s been a long time.. I wonder what the reason is.. hahaha..
I should write (say hi) more often ~^^?
Thanks to our SHINee World, we ended our promotion of Juliette greatly(?) ^^
I’m always thankful ~

We’re practicing hard !! Well, you’ll wait for us right ??^^
Thank you very very much and you know my feelings right~?? ehehehehehehehehe
Then.. I’ll see you next time ~
Onew ~^^

(credit: stalkingfraud@soompi forum)

Key Message

Hello! It’s been a long time ‘-’*
It’s SHINee’s Almighty Key…!

It seems like it’s been a long time since (I was on/left message on) From SHINee
Juliette activities have ended and managed to grab a short sweet break
(Really great shopping time)
(I’ve) also managed to have lots of time to do many preparations for Key too**

You really miss us alot right?
Just wait a little more please~
(We’re) preparing really hard and will attempt to show you the best through (our) songs

Also, our new group ‘f(x)’ has debut too!
Lachata (LA chA TA) is my current handphone ringtone
As well as voice call ringing tone
SHINee has juniors too Yaho-!

Please give lots of love!

At the same time, do not forget to give SHINee lots of love too.. ^0^
For now, I’ll go (off)~!♡

(credit: changmin_xiang@soompi forum)

JongHyun Message

Hello it’s Bling Bling Jonghyun-

It’s been a long time right?!

These days I’ve been miss SHINee World very much..
Is everyone doing well~?
This summer was really hot. I wish summer would quickly pass
and fall would come..
Then fall would quickly pass
I want winter to come..ㅋ
Aigoo.. ㅋㅋㅋ
When seasons change, for those who get sick easily, please be careful~
I’ve been taking care of my health these days too~hah.

We’re always preparing/working hard so please look forward to us^^
I wish to come back fast! hah.
Then I’ll stop here for now –
(credit: stalkingfraud@soompi forum)

Minho Message

Hello~ It’s SHINee’s flaming(?) charisma Minho!

It’s been a long time since I wrote in From SHINee(the fan board/official home)~
You guys missed us right?
It hasn’t been long since we ended our promotions ‘Juliette’ but
already summers passing and falls coming…
Time’s really passing by…

It’s an unfortunate thing (that they ended promotions and time’s passing).. but I’m excited for the next promotions!
To show everyone our hard working selves
SHINee’s been working/preparing very hard so please look forward to it!
I’ll be a hardworking Minho and SHINee.

And SHINee World…
Whenever we stand on stage and perform, your support
is always cool(?) (i.e. like WOW), you know we’re always thankful right?
Thank you very much! I’ll never forget it~
I’m always thankful!^^

(credit: stalkingfraud@soompi forum)

Taemin message

It’s nice to meet everyone~!^^
It’s been a long time since (I’ve been) up on SHINee From.!!

Our Juliette activities have ended right!!??
It’s been 3 weeks since the end of the activities and wanted to come and take a look at everyone
I want to hear everyone’s cheers of support again!!!

Everyone misses us alot too right?
Thanks for the support that you gave us during our promotional period~^^;;;
I’m really greatful for always having your support~

And there’s something I must tell everyone!!!!

What if you stray your sight during our break??!!!!
Because I believe in SHINee World!!!^^

Everyone! Health is the most important so you have to take care!!!
Nowadays because the H1N1 flu virus is common
Please be careful~ Always wash your hands to prevent it!

I’ll go back for now!!~~~~

Ah! And my photo
I’ll take a cool photo and show you next time ~

(credit: changmin_xiang@soompi forum)

DKP AUTHORS NOTE: the original article didnt have a picture for taemin so I added a personal favorite to his spot :D

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  1. Safyah says:

    hhow cute! and Key is the only one who mentioned FX lol hes so happy he has juniors now rofl. <33 thnx fr sharing!!! ^_____^

  2. ice says:

    That's so cool. I miss them. :)))

  3. Anonymous says:

    haha onew's msgs. was so cute!...
    JH's really love winter! :P
    key's such a good "sunbae" (can't believe they already had juniors!)...

    thanx for sharing! :D

  4. Minako says:

    Hahaha, I miss them!
    And their pictures are so cute ><

  5. mihiro says:

    love shinee forever!

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