[News] SJ Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk are MC a new show called : “Lord of the Rings (반지의 제왕).”

Super Junior Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong will be MCs for a new show of MBC Every1 called “The king of ring”. “The king of piano” Leeteuk, “The king of quickstep” Eunhyuk and “The king of eating” Shindong will find the king of the other fields in the showbiz.

In the show “The king of ring”, 3 MCs will recommend celebrities whom they believe that having special skills in certain things and those celebrities will have the chance to challenge themselves to become “The king”. If they can go through the final mission, they will get a ring of the king, otherwise, they will get a punishment with the MC that had recommended them.

Shindong recommended gagwoman Kim Shinyoung as “The king of shoulder throw”. Shindong & Kim Shinyoung who put on a judo uniform had performed a parody of Lee Hyori’s “U-go-girl” called “Judo-girl”. After that, she got the mission to throw a 20kg rice bag over the shoulder. Receiving “pork hock” cheer from Shindong, she had made a throw shoulder competition with 2AM.

Leeteuk recommend that actor Uhm Taewoong from MBC drama “Queen Seondeok” is “The king of hit/shoot”, Uhm Taewoong can throw tissue to the recycle bin accurately as well as kick the ball to the target. He also had a wonderful performance in the survival game of hitting the target without wearing shoes.

Eunhyuk chose Sungmin as “The king of nunchuck”. Sungmin had used his nunchuck to perform the way of knocking down a target accurately by hitting a balloon which was glued on the wall as well as show his skill of using a stick as a weapon. Besides, Heechul who is “The king of made-up diary”, Hankyung “The king of opening the bottle” and Yesung “The king of selca” will made surprising appearance.

The 1st episode will be aired at 1.30PM on September 16th.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Yes. Yesunggie has that talent. Love the Adorkable One <3

  2. M-ilkyy says:

    Woots, can't wait it~! :D
    Hahas~ ^^

  3. jooping says:

    waiting for the show!!~

  4. zahria[: says:

    I hope someone can download the show here and sub it. I would gladly thank that person very much(:

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