[NEWS] The snowy road of KARA's past fanmeetings!

Kara, who recently released 2nd full length album has won many music programs awards, is at their heyday of promotions had a picture of their past fanmeeting at a construction site had been released, which attracted much public attention.

On September 10th, one of Kara's fan had released a history of Kara's past fanmeetings up to now, on a portal site.

The fan had said "Kara is at its 'era of success'." And the fan also said "the same Kara that had fan meetings next to contruction sites had also won many music programs."

The netizens had even noted the fanmeetings near the construction sites. The netizens had assumed the Kara members stood side by side next to that contruction site. In addition to the construction sites, during Kara's 1st album promotions, they had promoted in parking vacant lots, or even sidewalks.

The initial response from the past fan meeting photos was the appearance of Kim Sunghee. Recently, Kim Sunghee had sang a duet with rookie singer, G.ne which had drawn positive reviews.

The fan that released the past fanmeetings had also said "During the promotions of 'Pretty Girl' and 'Honey', Kara had gained much success and had fan meetings in cafes and such. Finally, Kara is able to publicize their fan meetings, star in their own cable program, even have their own mini-concerts, and lastly Kara was able to grab number 1 in the music programs.

Although after Kara's long hiatus and member changes their were many difficulties for Kara even rumors of disbandment. Kara member, Han Seungyeon had done many cable tv programs and radio shows to put Kara's name out in the Korean public, which gave her the nickname, "Ambitious Idol."

The netizens had praised Kara saying "Keep trying", "Kara is so inspirational", and "Although Kara had difficult times during their first album promotions, they should still keep trying as a active girl group."

Kara's two hits "Wanna" and "Mister" had many hits and various music programs which led them in the limelight. Recently Kara had many commercial film ads for clothing, food, chicken and other ads, which made Kara into a whole new icon.

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Translated by: 63k @ Karaholic.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    GO KARA!!!

    KAMILIA will always be here for you!!! Hoping for more success!!! See you in Japan and Thailand!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It sucks to be under a not-so-big company...they are very talented but just ahead of their time...they started the fierce girl group image but weren't noticed because back in 2007, people only cared about the cute image...

    Now with all the endorsements and CFs, KARA definitely has a bright future!!!

    So proud!!! You deserve everything! Hard work pays off!

  3. Anonymous says:

    im soo proud of their success....jjang!! i hope 2pm will be like this too after tough moments like now...

  4. Anonymous says:

    where is nicole :(

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