[NEWS] Sony/ ATV Confirms Legal Action Against YG Songs

Sony/ATV Music Publishing has confirmed a report saying it is in the process of taking legal action against four songs it claims were plagiarized and released in the albums of YG Entertainment’s singers.

MBC’s “Current Affairs Magazine 2580″ show aired on September 20 had reported Sony had sent YG a notification which prohibits the use of the music without permission.

“We sent a warning letter to YG and the songwriters of the respective songs on September 17 and are now waiting for a response,” said Sony in a press release on Monday.

Music experts had concluded that not only were G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” and “Butterfly” plagiarized, but Big Bang’s “With U” was largely similar to Joe’s “Ride Wit U” and 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” had noticeable similarities to Lionel Richie’s “Just Go”, Sony explained.

Listeners had pointed out “Heartbreaker” and Flo Rida’s “Right Round”, and “Butterfly” and Oasis “She’s Electric” sounded alike from the moment the leader of boy band Big Bang released his first solo album in mid-August. “Heartbreaker” has remained atop music charts for over a month.

Popular girl group 2NE1 also ranked No.1 with “I Don’t Care” and Big Bang’s “With U” was listed in their Japan debut album.

Both groups are managed by YG, one of the most successful talent houses in Korea.

Sony holds 10 percent copyright ownership to “Right Round” and 100 percent ownership to Oasis “She’s electric”.

Source: Asiae + iBigBang

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  1. nickygd says:

    owh...they just want the money from the songs since all of them are chart-toppers..
    Jiyong oppa~ bigbang~ 2ne1~ fighting...dont be too stressed out!! VIPs and BLackJAcks will always support you!

  2. boomi says:

    Big bang and 2NE1 go go go~ ;)

  3. boomi says:

    G-d fighting ^^

  4. Bleahx says:

    Why would Sony care about the peanuts that those songs even if chart-topping earned??? Sony has way more money and clout than YG anytime..

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think YG fans are stupid! They think "YG is the best, richest and the greatest!" SONY can squish YG like a bug if they want to. It's not the money! It's the property rights!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with 10:22. YG fans are in denial and most are ignorant as hell.

  7. Anonymous says:

    agree , Sony is a much bigger company compared to YG -,- it's nothing to do with money.

  8. Hui Jie says:

    the law actually states that a song/article is only plagiarized if more than 20% of the song/article is similar. i've not heard all the english songs in question here, but i don't think the similarities between heartbreaker and right round are more than 20%. it's only the verse that sounds similar.

  9. Anonymous says:

    too tired of these kinds of news, do whatever they want, VIPS and Blackjacks always support GD and 2NE1 whatever happens to them, even if the result is not good, how can we know that's plazarism or just a coincidence of inspiration, the most important thing is our belief in our idols, that's the best thing that fans can do. Yeah, Sony is a big company and they can do whatever they want with their money and their power, but they can't stir VIPS's and Blacjack's heart for GD, 2NE1. YG family fighting! :X:X:X

  10. Anonymous says:

    it's like they took the sheet music and used different instruments and more sync... but i like 2ne1's better... i guess coz i'm more new age than classic

  11. Anonymous says:

    taking the sheet music is plagiarizing....even if you like it better.....

    and GD fans, seriously, a moment of the same inspiration is certainly acceptable and it happens...but multiple moments of the same inspiration???

    i'm more sympathetic to Big Bang (as a group) and 2NE1 cuz they were given the songs and then they did put in efforts to alter the performance. but what bothers me about the whole GD situation is the whole hype about him being a musical genius, when most of his songs were produced by someone else (Teddy from 1TYM) or "inspired" by pre-existing hits...he is certainly an idol, but he has yet to prove himself as a musical genius....

    and GD fans' comments about how Sony just wants money, well, they have the right to protect what is theirs. And while you are all in your "yeah GD mode, I still like him", consider the artist from whom he is "borrowing their concepts". This is their work and their achievement. What if some other artist did the same to GD, you would all be going nuts and ripping that person apart.

  12. Anonymous says:

    well.. i think sony's filing a lawsuit is good.... so that this issue could be settled in court and not through the internet plagued with yg artists haters acting like they are representatives/lawyers of sony... and i dont really care what the result will be coz.. id still listen/buy yg artists album... im not stupid i just love their songs.... and im a sucker for good music...

  13. Anonymous says:

    haha, u're right, all the haters are acting like that they are the representation of Sony and judge as they are the lawcourt. If they are right, they should be a lawyer instead of sitting in front of the computer and typing those philosophic comments :D:D ok ok, but that's their right, let it be. Waiting for final decision, but we're always beside YG whatever happens.

  14. Anonymous says:

    agree!! GD, YG, 2ne1 hwaiting!!^^,

  15. Anonymous says:

    i agree with 12.53 ^^ let's wait for the final decision and see wad the outcome is ! but we will still BUY THEIR SONGS ! 2ne1 and big bang HWAITING !

  16. Anonymous says:

    I don't think its the groups' fault, isit?
    Didn't the company give them the songs to sing?
    The most that they contribute to is writing lyrics only, right?
    The company gives them the score sheets to sing, isn't it?

  17. Anonymous says:

    i got a feeling sony is juz trying to show its power..
    cuz its lyk they also wont get much money..
    and what is up with them looking through all the songs by the grp in YG..
    and really...
    big bang and 2ne1 is really not to be blamed..
    they were not the one who write the songs..
    but for G-dragon..
    i dun tink the song was written by him right??
    i only know the lyrics was by him..
    sorry if im wrong..
    but yea..
    so its not his fault..

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