[NEWS] Love Triangle Preview, Who is Bong Goon’s Love?

After being in a car accident, Bong Goon who loses his memory deepens his love line with Hae Bin and attracts the attention of viewers.

Hae Bin (Ara), who gets kidnapped because of Seung Woo (Lee Sang Yoon), gets rescued by Cha Bong Goon (Jung Yunho) who risks his life instead. In the preview for the next episode, we get to see the workings of the Bong Goon – Hae Bin – Yeon Yi love triangle.

Risking his life to save Hae Bin, Yeon Yi is shocked by the Bong Goon who can’t remember his family or himself. Yeon Yi in rage flocks toward Hae Bin and tells her to back out of his life.

After risking his life to save Hae Bin, Hae Bin and Bong Goon’s hearts start to shake a little bit and Bong Goon also starts to remember Yeon Yi as his friend.

However, last week Hae Bin accepted Seung Woo’s confession and Yeon Yi and Dong Ho began to grow closer. The question on who Bong Goon will end up with is drawing in the viewer’s attention.

Source: Osen + Kyu@soompi

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