[Videos] SNSD Hello Baby Episode 14

Hi,this is the episode that we mentioned earlier on.

SNSD performed many performances including Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" and other dances of popular K Pop artists.

I haven't watched this episode yet as i am quite busy modifying our blog, for those who are interested in this episode you can watch it here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thx ^^

  2. Anonymous says:


    wher is yoona :((??????????????
    this is not nice i miss her sooooooo much
    wher is she ??????????
    pleasssss some one tell me
    yoooooona ilovvvve you

  3. Anonymous says:

    do you guys have subs?please

  4. Anonymous says:

    some one anser me why yoona not with thim all the time ?????x(

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yoona was on a vacation that time she was in Saipan:)

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