[news] SS501 Increases Sales for Le Coq Sportif by 20%

Recently we see many famous celebrities have been endorsing various products; you name it : jeans, shoes, digital camera, mp3 player, mobile phone, clothing, etc.

And having those famous faces in those billboards, TV Commercials, Print Ads or whatsoever has definitely made everything easier since people know their face. Well, at least u get the people’s attention first right ?

Online store is also enjoying the benefit of having famous people as their endorser, as they get more consumer as well as visitor from it.

Sport’s brand Le Coq Sportif has been using SS501 as their endorser since April, and it is said that the brand has enjoyed sales increase by 20% after having those pretty boys in their advertising campaign.

Meanwhile, idol group SS501 already done their Le Coq Sportif Fall Photoshoot under the theme “Season2:Play Together” which can be seen in SS501 Micro Site in Le Coq Sportif Korea website and (or) via SS501 official site.

(Sales data source : NATE)

Source: NATE + marinastory

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  1. Anonymous says:

    woah!!! Of course!!!

    I bet KARA will do the same with their endorsements!!!

    GO DSP!!!

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