[news] Kim Bum On TV Patrol

Korean F4 member Kim Bum caused a stir with his fans when arrived earlier today in the country for a commercial shoot. But the Korean heartthrob has a bigger gift for the victims of typhoon Ondoy (internationally known as Ketsana). Reporting Marie Lozano...

One of the Korean F4 stars Kim Bum quietly slipped into the country but he did not escape the die hard fans of BOF who waited at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Fan: Kim Bum you're so handsome!

Kim Bum became the favorite of female fans because of his cute, boy-next-door looks. Kim Bum couldn't believe that the BOF craze has reached the Philippines. Even though he couldn't speak English, he extended his gratitude towards his fans.

He's in the country to shoot a commercial with Maja Salvador. He still feels shy about expressing his admiration for Maja.

This is his first visit to the country but before he arrived he saw the devastation caused by typhoon Ondoy on television. The brand that Kim Bum endorses has already extended help to Sagip Kapamilya (one of the charities helping in the relief operations) but he wanted to say a few words about the tragedy.

Aside from his new commercial, Kim Bum will be seen in a few Kapamilya shows and the Korean heartthrob hopes that he'll be able to spend time with his fans.

Source: hallyudorama.com

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