[NEWS] SS501 is eager to meet and greet fans in Malaysia!

Fans who has been waiting for a long time to meet Kim Hyun Joong and Korean idol group SS501, your dream is coming true! M’sia Warner has revealed on their blog, they are preparing for SS501’s only autograph session on September 3rd.

KHJ who shot to stardom playing Yoon Jihoo in Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, SS501 the group he belongs to, their popularity increased rapidly due to their part in singing the theme song “Because I’m Foolish.”

SS501 who is currently holding their concert tour is much anticipated by fans when M’sia was listed as one of the likely tour stops. M’sia Warner has first released the good news on their blog and expressed that if everything goes well, SS501 would be in M’sia on September 3rd for the autograph signing, the only session to be held.

According to “Guang Ming Entertainment”’s understanding, SS501 was eager to meet with M’sian fans and upon knowing they would be stopping over in M’sia before returning to Korea, they made an effort to ask the company to let them few hours transit time to meet with their fans.

The reporter confirmed the information with the Product Manager Mr Gong at M’sia Warner, he admitted that it is very likely that fans will get to meet SS501 on September 3rd. Because M’sia Warner only received the notification shortly before their public holiday, they had to wait till the government officials’ return to work on Tuesday before they could apply for the permit. Mr Gong expressed that if everything goes smoothly, Warner will hold a public event for SS501.

Cr: warnermusic malaysia FB page (http://www.facebook.com/notes.php?id=49706797181) + (English Translation) Rebby @ soompi

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