[NEWS] SS501 members reveal “Who is the most different off-screen”

On 29-Aug, popular Korean idol group SS501 ended their Beijing fan meeting successfully. This is SS501 first fan meeting held in Beijing, marking their first step into the China music industry.

SS501 displayed exciting songs and dances at the fan meeting, making the long-awaited fans heated up with enthusiasm. There are 2 sessions of talk time during the fan meeting, fans get to learn more about SS501 through these talk sessions, and SS501 also expressed their plans to perform in China in the future.

In the talk session, the MC asked leader Kim HyunJoong to rank the members according to ‘Who is the most different off-screen?’. Kim HyunJoong first chooses Park JungMin, then Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Kim HyungJoon. The MC then asked all 5 members and they began to point to each other. Kim HyungJoon received 2 votes, winning the vote for the member who is the most different off-screen. Kim HyungJoon looked surprised, and giving an innocent look, he asked “Why me?”
Kim HyunJoong expressed “When HyungJoon dances on stage, he would smile and dance while he is dancing in front facing the camera, but when he changes position at the back, you won’t see his smile. Feels like he is a totally different person.” Kim HyunJoong also imitated Kim HyungJoon dancing.

Heo YoungSaeng who chose Park JungMin said “Everyone knows that JungMin is very lively and mischievous, but off-screen, he is someone who likes to act cute (aegyo). On my birthday, he posed the ‘I love you’ pose in front of me and said ‘YoungSaeng, Wish you a happy birthday’.” He recalled that touching moment. And JungMin stood up and reenact that moment for the fans to see.

In addition, fans shouted ‘encore, encore’ after the fan meeting, not bearing to leave the fan meeting venue.

Cr: China.ibtimes + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501

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