[News] SSII In Bangkok is Confirmed

Super Show II @ BKK

Super Show II on this November … No presale ticket
Talking about reserve and presale ticket of Super Junior : Super Show 2 concert

Now I has rumor via forword mail and many website on internet about presale ticket of Super Junior 2 concert.

But True Music who get contract of SJ II concert said Now it’s no reserve of presale ticket because True Music’ s policy and no reserve ticket although has little or many reserve ticket. The Super Junior Super Show 2 reserve ticket will be fixed on True music schedule . Please update on http://www.truemusic.com

Now , TrueMusic has already sign contract with SJ II concert . May be they sale ticket on end of this month (September) or begin of next month(October) which concert will show on November.

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Some people says that SSII in Bangkok will be held on 28 – 29 Nov 2009
I still don't know the time, but it is sure that SS II will be held in Bangkok this November

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