[News]After School is Dressed to Kill

After School, excluding UEE, has rarely been seen in public after ending their Diva promotions and that collaboration with Son Dambi for Samsung Amoled. Well, they are now back modeling for fashion apparel, Dressed to Kill.

After School had been chosen as the advertising models for 2009 F/W Dressed To Kill collection and were at a Gangnam studio on the 7th for the photoshoot. The concept of the photoshoot saw the After School members showing off a modern and sexy look. Even though this was their first time doing such product endorsements, they were able to do it just like professional models.

A representative said, "We decided on After School as our models because they have a hidden sexy aura within them and it fits in with our brand image very well".

After School will be making a comeback this October.


Note:Hmm, interesting ! many people are coming back in OCT.Lee Hyori is one of them, DSP new girl group Rainbow debuting,and if i am not wrong SHINee will be coming back around that time(not sure).

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