[News]Jaebeom’s Performance With 2PM Cleared To Air, No music core this saturday-Incheon Korean Wave Festival

Hottests, we all know the devastating situation that has been going on with Jaebeom and many of you must be wondering if 2PM's performance from the Incheon Korean Wave Festival on 5th September will still be airing this week. Well you are not alone.

There will be no Music Core this Saturday, 12th September as MBC will be airing the Incheon Korean Wave Festival in it's place. Many of the fans have been wondering if they were going to air Jaebeom's performance with 2PM after all that has happened.

Rest assured as MBC has revealed their decision today and that 2PM's performance will air as it is tomorrow afternoon, so watch out for that.


Note:Stay tune to find out the videos for Incheon Korean wave Festival !. I hope we have the videos :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    May I ask what time will it show?

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