[News] Super Junior New Show ==Super Junior's Miracle==

Begin from 8.00PM, September 5th, Super Junior along with MC Park Kyunglim and singer Lee Sooyoung will be MCs for a new show of KBS Drama channel called “Human network – Super Junior’s miracle”. The show’s purpose is to bring the hope message to the teenagers who are in difficult situation but still try their best to achieve their dreams.

“Super Junior’s miracle” when hear about a case of a teenager who has talent but his/her family is in a difficult status, they will help her/him by finding a expert in that field to be a mentor of them. Within an amount of time, they will have to find a mentor and convince them to help the teenager.

Super Junior said “We attend (this show) to be able to return the love that we receive from fans up to now”, they even didnt mind the hot weather to film the show, also they always smile to bring a comfortable atmosphere and show that they all are enthused person.

Producer of “Super Junior’s miracle” said “Culture art, Sport, Science….we give the teenagers of all social standings who have dreams a chance to have a mentoring” and revealed the idea of project “I make the national family”.

“Human network – Super Junior’s miracle” the show will bring warm feeling and happiness to the families will air the 1st epsidoe on September 5th and every Saturday at 8.00PM through KBS drama channel.

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  1. how sweet!!!
    i love super junior!

  2. SSjunior says:

    yeah! new show. can continue to watch suju! Haha

  3. Kimmy says:

    Aww, they're so sweet <3
    Super Junior, fighting! :D

  4. d'petals says:

    they're gonna bring miracle!!!

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