[TRANS] 090814-090820 Sukira Transcripts

13 Members’ First Trip
Eunhyuk: Recently, our Super Junior Members, for the first time since debut……
Leeteuk: Do you want to talk about it now?
Eunhyuk: Yeah, the first group trip since our debut, we went to Kangwondo’s SamCheok. On the second day, we had a performance at Uljin, so the day before that, before dawn, we reached SamCheok, and played at the resort for one whole day. At that time, there was not a single person there.
Leeteuk: Yeah, it’s not open to the public at the moment. Normally, when idols go out, there will be many reporters secretly taking photos, but being there, the feeling it gave me is that everything is a big open sea, and a swimming pool.
Eunhyuk: All of us drove there. Initially, I was anticipating being able to experience some supernatural incidents, because it was a deserted resort, even the lights were all turned off.
Leeteuk: To be able to meet a ghost……
Eunhyuk: Yeah, that would be fun. But there weren’t any.
Leeteuk: We even brought Bulgogi to eat
Eunhyuk: Yeah, there was really nobody at the beach…… Before that, we didn’t think we’d be able to go for a swim, and when we got there, we didn’t bring our swimming attire, and we were all anxious. So we stripped off our clothes and noisily played games on the beach, and after sweating, we got ready to go down into the water.
Leeteuk: Yeah, we went down directly.
Eunhyuk: Hehe, we just wore our underwear and went in.
Leeteuk: Different kinds of underwear. There were boxers, briefs, tight fitting ones, and loose ones.
Eunhyuk: It really is a piece of scenery
Leeteuk: Once the waves came, that’s it…… (even if we were)wearing underwear, it looked just like we weren’t wearing anything.
Eunhyuk: We had a good time.
Leeteuk: Yeah, and even took photos
Eunhyuk: Luckily there was no one, nobody saw us
Leeteuk: I should put the photos online
Eunhyuk: They’re all in my handphone.
Leeteuk: I didn’t have time, I didn’t take a single photo.
Eunhyuk: haha, I took a lot.
Leeteuk: Next time, I want to go with everyone again, this time was too short. Next time, lets’ go and have more fun, and create more beautiful memories. This time really made me feel the value of a holiday.

Leeteuk losing weight, Eunhyuk gaining weight
Leeteuk: I want to start losing weight from today.
Eunhyuk: Ah? You? What weight is there to lose?
Leeteuk: My weight increased…… Maybe it’s because I’ve been exercising and gained more muscles. Anyway I saw my own weight and was overwhelmed……
Eunhyuk: Really? I’m gaining weight now. Since the day I was born, until now, I have never seen my weight reach 60kg. At the moment it is approaching…… it’s almost there.
Leeteuk: I’ve always been around 59, 60kg. Recently my weight has been 62……
Eunhyuk: Now it’s our rest period, putting on a bit of weight is okay.
Leeteuk: But I also have a tiny tummy…… could it be abs……
Eunhyuk: You’re eating too much at night.
Leeteuk: Could it be that I’m becoming a man?
Eunyuk: My current goal is 62kg. When I reach this goal, I will definitely show everyone.
Leeteuk: After I’ve lost my weight to reach 60kg, I’ll start training my muscles again. My body is always swelling, I’m going to die soon. Every time I finish exercising, it’s like I am going to explode soon. The trainer said “Jungsoo, your potential muscles are the same standard as an athlete’s, if you continue training, you can even go and compete.”
Eunhyuk: The coach said that.
Leeteuk: He even said Donghae needs to put on weight. “Our Jungsoo’s back muscles are invincible, the number one idol star……”
Eunhyuk: And you believed that.

The strange photo in Kibum’s handphone
Leeteuk: Today, I was looking through my handphone’s album, inside there was a photo of a female ghost…… I didn’t take it, so I was curious where it came from. A female ghost in the dark wrapped in her hair, her eyes releasing white light. It scared me to death, I didn’t take that photo, so where could it have come from.
Eunhyuk: You downloaded it, and you definitely can’t remember it. If not, it’s your ex-girlfriend.
Leeteuk: I want to let everyone see, below the photo is a cross, once I click that, it’s deleted.
Eunhyuk: Recently, didn’t we go on a vacation together. At that time, Kibum looked at his hanphone for awhile, and suddenly gave a loud yell, he said he saw the photo of a deity, someone sitting on a sofa, and beside the sofa there was a lamp, the light reflected the person’s face. That seems like the photo of a deity, and it was in Kibum’s handphone. Really mysterious.

Eunteuk physically fighting
Guest: If you were given a chance to go back to the past, Eunhyuk, when would you want to go back to?
Eunhyuk: Hmm…… After debut…… When me and Leeteuk were in Thailand, we had a fight…… He violently grabbed my collar……
Leeteuk: Yeah, we’ve mentioned it a few times before.
Eunhyuk: I really regret it, at that time I was silly, and didn’t do anything, no matter how you put it I should have done something…… My whole neck was red, as a man, I really regret it.
Leeteuk: I used a lot of energy, “You brat!”
Guest: So Super Junior is also like this.
Eunhyuk: Between men, it’s normal.
Leeteuk: We only fought that one time.
Eunhyuk: Then Leeteuk, when would you want to go back to?
Leeteuk: I…… I would go back to that time too. I only grabbed his neck, no matter how you ut it, I should have hit his face too.
Eunhyuk: Really pity you.
Leeteuk: I’ll tell the truth. Around 2.5years ago, 3 years ago, 3 years ago in August, I fell in love with a girl at first sight. She suddenly walked past from beside me, and she was my ideal type, really, really. I regretted not grabbing her at that time……
Eunhyuk: So you regret this? And you want to go back to that moment?
Guest: If this situation happened now, would you grab hold of her?
Leeteuk: No…… I wouldn’t dare……

Eunhyuk misses Donghae?
Eunhyuk: Actually, we should really treasure the people beside us. I have experienced this personally. Our subgroup SJM mainly has activities in China. A few members went to China, initially I didn’t feel anything, but after a period of time I started feeling lonely, and feeling the void in the group. At that time, I realised we should really treasure the people beside us.

Playing cards
Eunhyuk: When we went on vacation, me, Kyuhyun, Shindong and Ryeowook played cards. Initially, Ryeowook didn’t quite understand, but he played the best. At that time I thought of one phrase, people who do not understand things are more powerful.

Unlucky Eunteuk
Eunhyuk: I went out today thinking of relaxing for awhile, but in the end I got an extra burden. We drove to Kangwondo right, driving down, the car was all dirty. I planned to go and wash the car today to have a change of mood. In the morning, it rained a little, when the rain stopped, I drove the car out. After washing the car, I happily bought a cup of iced chocolate.
Leeteuk: You’re only trying to create the mood, (you’re) learning from F4.
Eunhyuk: I opened the car window and looked outside while drinking my iced chocolate to create the mood. But maybe because it was shaky while I was driving, and I didn’t put the iced chocolate properly…… The whole cup fell under the seat…… and I just washed my car today. It’s really frustrating, and I can’t be angry at anyone. At that time, it was already nearing our broadcast timing, I brought the mat to the toilet first, and rinsed it.
Leeteuk: You can’t wash it with water, you have to dry clean it.
Eunhyuk: I just hung it in the toilet, I didn’t know how to wash it
Leeteuk: I also wanted a change of mood yesterday, so I gave our hair stylist a call, and asked him to dye my hair……
Eunhyuk: In the middle of the night.
Leeteuk: This morning, I had a schedule at 7, but I didn’t have time to sleep, I really wanted a change of mood, but I couldn’t go out to drink, and there was nobody to play with me. I went to the beauty salon at 1am to dye my hair……
Eunhyuk: Is it dyed already?
Leeteuk: Can it be seen?
Eunhyuk: Khaki color.
Leeteuk: Errrr…… The color I hate the most.
Eunhyuk: Then you asked what color is this, its Khaki.
Leeteuk: I also didn’t know…… I’ve got to dye it all over again…… Aiya its really frustrating. I only finished dying it close to 5am, aiish I have to redye it again……
Eunhyuk: It obviously is Khaki color.
Leeteuk: Really troublesome, I am going to find him.

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @ sj-world.net

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