[news] What is next for group 2PM with a leader?

After 2PM JaeBum left Korea at 6.30pm on 8th September, what is next for 2PM as a 6-member group?

A JYP representative said that there are still discussing about plans for the group. JaeBum will be staying in the States for the time being to sort his feelings out. The good thing is that currently they are not doing promotions and is a resting period before their next album. So it gives the group time to come up with a new concrete team operation plan.

After over 1000 fans sent JaeBum off at the airport on 8th September, fans are fighting back with a petition on Agora online to stop JaeBum from leaving the group. The petitions says, “We can’t send JaeBum off like that” and has already received 25K over support from netizens.

Meanwhile, it was said that JaeBum’s growing affection for Korea after arriving Korea was realised too late by the Korean netizens.

An account posted on the internet says:

”JaeBum had an audition in a wine house called ‘ChinGuYa’ in north Seattle, and had gone to Korea when he was in high school. It was a difficult decision for him to go back to Korea. He was like a ‘banana’ (Asian on the outside, Americanised on the inside) who cannot speak much Korean.”

“Seattle is a city that is different from the other big cities. The community is very small there. Everyone knows everyone else there. And JaeBum’s friends there are like family to him. It must be a difficult time for him to left his family behind and to go to a place which he doesn’t even know anything about, and train as a trainee not knowing when is the end to this path.”

“So he would have the desire to go back to America badly. And for the Americans and locals there they do not use the word GAY by meaning. It is like a code word, but definitely harmless. It is a joke used by young people there.”

“In 2002 during the World Cup, JaeBum has come together with his friends and family at the church in Korea to support for Korea. He was like a real Korean who loves Korea. There is also Koreans in Korea who will say they hate Korea when times are hard for them, isn’t it. And are those people traitors? It is really sad that people label him that. Not talking about this from a point of a fan, but from a mother of a Korean child. I’m writing this for people who are supporting him in Seattle. This friend is just a ‘banana’ who can’t speak Korean well.”

source: sookyeong

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  1. Anonymous says:

    now whn he left thn people wanna forgive hiw WTF



    it's ur fault for pushing it/ going over the limit

  3. Anonymous says:

    please think 1st and act after that...

  4. Anonymous says:

    I'm so sad 2 hear about jay news, but isnt 2pm gna make a debut in america so there will be america fans as well as other who are around the world that are still behind him and 2pm and people make mistake, but why is there no chance given 2 him?

  5. Minako says:

    No, they aren't debuting in America, it's just a rumor.
    Netizens are too narrow minded -.-

  6. the new leader of 2Pm is now JunHo....

  7. Anonymous says:

    poor leader I'm so sad after hearing this
    he was still young and made a mistake so what ???? people are so narrow minded and hatefull
    I really hope that he will get back he is and will always be 2PM's leader I will never stop supporting him :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Aish~ This is why people in korea need to calm down and have some damn empathy. Why cant people ever look at both sides of the story. Forgiveness is not ours to withhold. People asking why he left. WHY? BECAUSE that little thing he did, just happened to hit the very SPOT the only THING koreans cling on to the most. Which is their PRIDE in being korean. Can you imagine the AMOUNT of hostility he must have felt after that incident? Even FROM OTHER celebrities im pretty sure he got it bad. One can only endure for so long, not to mention he probably left with the thoughts that he will only HOLD the other members back from THEIR dreams while trying to peice back TOGETHER his. Jay Beoum Ive never been a big fan but...Jay Beoum HWAITING!!!

  9. i agree with one of the post

    netizens..u guys bring him back after whut u did to him!

  10. Anonymous says:

    jay be strong. we love you and we miss you so much!
    most importantly, we support you 100%
    jay should be forgiven for what he did and able
    to move on! he's not the same person he was before!
    everyone makes mistakes! nonetheless, jay came out to
    the public and apologized. jay don't let something
    like this hinder you from your dreams and goals.
    we believe in you. and we believe that you will
    come back to where you belong. 2pm is nothing without you!
    bring jay back!!

  11. anee:D says:

    he was young and foolish then...
    but after four yers...
    and everyone deserves a second chance...
    he even apologised...
    give me a break netizens...
    are u saying that u dont make mistakes...
    not everyone is a saint...
    and besides...
    idols also need a place to relieve their stress and feelings...
    so just bring him back already!!!
    and i totally agree with the above post...
    2pm is nth without Jay

  12. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the post above, people change.
    yeah four years ago what he said has offended people but it's also a guarantee that many other Koreans say the same thing at least once in their life time. So should they be put on the spot like jay had? Everyone is especially making such a big deal out of it just because he is idol. He is an idol, he represents the country and JYPE but does that mean he can't make mistakes and can't express his hardships? He's human too.


  13. WALLY says:

    Jay!!! Come back. You can't leave just because of your controversy. Be strong! Your teammates is weak without you. They've changed! It's not like u'r the only person who says something like that in Korea. Me myself said something like that since i've moved to ^^^^^^^^.

  14. U-KISS Kevinluver says:

    Is it true that Junho's the new leader? i heard JYP doesn't want anyone to become a leader. But i was thinking that if there is no leader, what should they do?

    I love you Woo Young! I happens to like pretty boys such as Onew, Jae Jin, Dongho, Sungmin, Xiah(he's a bit muscular now), Youngsaeng and most recently, KEVIN!

    lol:0 nICKHUN NOT TOO bad either but he's so buff. i don't like it.

  15. sAe SiDe;) says:

    I've seen their new video clip-Heartbeat. The choreography is weird and funny in most of the part. They are turning more from bad boy to Beast boy. I agree with Anonymous, 2pm is not complete without Jae Beom my boy.

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