[news] The WonderGirls in Cleveland

Now they’re invading Cleveland! Go WonderGirls!As most of you know the Wondergirls are currently on tour with the Jonas Brothers; however, somehow they manage to squeeze in an interview with Katie and Karleigh in the great city of Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve never been there myself, but im sure its nice, right? Anyway, they shared a little about themselves and the tour.

It shows that Ye-eun has worked on her English. See girls, hard work pays off in the end, now people can understand you! Ye-eun was able to clearly tell us in her new and improved English, that The WonderGirls will be returning to New York, not Korea, when the tour is over. She explained it was to work on the English album that I’m looking forward to. What a great place to work on an album, NYC.
Now lets all put on a big smile and watch the interview. (You dont actually have to smile)


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