[News]4Minute So Hyun unveils secret of having a slim and tall figure

cr: 4min的挖图果子@ Baidu 4Minute吧 for the chinese translation
& kueensora @ 4-minute.com for the English translation
original source: Newsen

4Minute's maknae Kwon So Hyun revealed her 15cm-long heels recently through MTV 4Minute. So Hyun's height became a hot topic among netizens in Korea.

As 4Minute's secret weapon, maknae Kwon So Hyun is only 15, but her mature figure which seems impossible for a 15-year-old was discussed widely among netizens. Her skinny legs and relatively tall height created skepticism from the public.

So Hyun explain,"Because our hit song 'Muzik' is a song that gives a sexy feeling, I changed to fit into that mature image, like wearing high heels to boost my confidence." So Hyun is in fact 162cm. She also gave explanations on the news of her lying about her age,"As this time the concept is modern new trend, we made ourselves look mature. About the issue of netizen's guessing my age,I am definitely 15."

4Minute girls are currently having on-going schedule as singers

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