[News]Rain swears off "scary, horrible" dieting

According to Korean media reports, during a recent interview with a television station, South Korean pop singer-dancer-actor, Rain, revealed his strict dietary meals during the filming for his upcoming Hollywood movie, Ninja Assassin. He exclaimed that the meals were "scary, horrible" and "never wants to do it again!"

Talk of his fearful dietary meals instilled so much fear in the performer that he shivers in fear at the mere mention of it. To portray a thinner and leaner body frame for the movie, he started undergoing special training sessions two months before filming began. He faced strict restrictions on his dietary habits and was limited to eating only salmon, chicken breast meat and some nuts.

Although this diet successfully helped Rain to shed 10kg for the movie, the food-lover underwent considerable pain and suffering to attain the weight-loss. "Whenever I think about that period of time, I feel really scared. I do not want to do this again -especially when food is sacred to me. It is too painful to have your diet limited and controlled."

Credits:Yahoo news

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  1. Elaine* says:

    oppa, i will always behind you... so keep on fighting... AJA!

    take care and i will support you on your NINJA ASSASSIN movie... haha... i am also helping you to promote***

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