[News]9-member boyband Child Of Empire to hit the Kpop world by storm

9-member group Child of Empire is set to debut!

Jewelry’s company Star Empire Entertainment revealed, “The group will debut in November officially, but from 28th September, they will be holding guerrilla concerts nationwide.”

The group will perform in major cities, including Seoul, for their guerrilla concert. Their seonbae from Star Empire, V.O.S will also be showing their support by appearing for their guerrilla concert.

Even before their debut, the group has already gained much interests and popularity amongst female fans. The group is known to consist of representative membesr uljjang Moon JoonYeong, Park Hyun Sik etc.

This is the result for the Mnet reality show ‘Empire’s Children’ which aired from April, showing the process of forming this group. There are also members have trained for more than 4 years for their singer debut.

Already, we have many mega-size male groups in Kpop group like 13-member Super Junior, and 7-member 2PM, but the group is now promoting as 6 members after leader member JaeBum left the group.


Well, we will see how they do..together with MBLAQ(Under Rain's company).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    why they gotta be 9 like SNSD??? nooooo

  2. Anonymous says:

    == wads the problem wif 9? its not like they are connected to snsd

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