[NEWS]After School UEE shows her love for her groupmates!

After School UEE has shown her love for each of the After School member.

UEE uploaded the members’ photos on her Cyworld minihompy on 27th September, and left a message title ‘I love you’.

Her first message to JungAh, “Jjung unnieㅋㅋㅋ Our beloved unnie! I know that unnie is tired but I would always ask for help, I’m always sorry unnie. But still unnie knows I love her very much right? Always like the mother all members, our JungAh unnie! I’ll always miss you and also really really love you.”

Go under the cut for the rest of her message.

To GaHee, “Our leader GaHee unnie! Tough unnie who will always encourage and tell me to have strength when I’m having a hard time! I’m always thankful! I cannot be without unnie, you know right? I love you.”

To JooYeon, “My roommate Jjoo unnie! Pretty Jjoo unnie who will always quarrel with me but is always the one whom will make around with me the most! I’m really happy to have met unnie! The one who is the most strong willed of all strong willed who will say with the tough voice “What’s wrong” when things get tough! For me I love unnie a lot no matter what! 2 of us who will fall asleep talking to each other on the bunk bed. Unnie! Really and always love you!”

To Bekah, “Bekakakakah^^ Even as the youngest, you always work so hard and show a good side of you that you will be misunderstood as the unnie! Our Bekah, who has the charm to make us laugh through your special cute aegyo when things get tough! I’m very proud of our Bekah because your Korean has improved so much from before! Bekah whom we hold so highly in our hearts, and who will came close quietly and say “Have strength”. You are our forever cute maknae! Really really love you.”

And lastly to SoYeong, “Kind SoYeong unnie who opens our heart. Your forever bright and optimistic personality is really lovely. And the member who always worry abour our health as we are weak! And when we fall ill, you will care for us! Unnie! Love you forever!”


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