[news] Super Junior's Donghae Answers Interviewer About Falling in Love With Thai Super Model

Over the weekend, Super Junior members, Donghae, Siwon, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, and Sungmin visited Thailand to meet with fans and Thai super model, Pancake. While on the short trip, Donghae tells a Thai interviewer details about his encounter with Pancake and how he fell in love with her.

There is no need for fans to worry about Donghae’s confession just yet. During a press conference for, “12 Plus Mircale BB Powder” he gave the interviewer details about the concept for the CF with Thai super model, Pancake. Yes, her name is really Pancake. In the CF, Donghae falls in love with her charm after she used the powder. He also tempts fans by mentioning that if they want him to fall in love with them, then they will have to use the powder.

Donghae along with Siwon was at Zen department store in Bangkok,Thailand for the press conference of their upcoming CF for the Thai cosmetic brand, 12 Plus; while other members of Super Junior were at Siam Discovery promoting the new, “Mircale BB Powder” and playing games with 1,500 lucky fans.

Donghae & Siwon’s Interview:

Interviewer: SiwonShi , how many times you have been to Thailand?
Siwon: This is my 9th time already , but even if we came that often, the fans still gave us very warm welcome every time. I already think that Thailand is my 2nd home.
Interviewer: DonghaeShi , This is your 2nd time filming in Thailand , How do you feel? Have you seen the previous CF yet?
Donghae: First of all, I would like to thank you to 12 Plus for choosing me to come filming. I already watched the last CF I filmed. But for the CF this time, the concept will be different. In this CF ,I will be falling in love with Pancake.
And I’m very happy that they choose me to come with Siwon this time, as I’m very close to Siwon . I also feel very happy and honor to film with Pancake.
Interviewer: Did you prepare anything for coming back filming CF here again?
Siwon: Yes, we did prepare. As the new product of 12 plus is cosmetic which will give us smooth and clear skin ,also oil control , which is very suitable for Thai girl , Everyone should go get one to try.
Interviewer: Have a chance to film together with Pancake , How do you feel?
Donghae: My role this time is to be the guy who fell in love with Pancake because of her charm. Suddenly when she used the 12 Plus miracle BB powder, she became so charming and I was captivated by her. If any fans want me to fall in love, don’t forget to use it.
Interviewer: Siwon Shi ,you have worked with so many Thai stars. How do you feel?
Siwon: I need to thank you to 12plus for giving me a chance to work with Thai super stars every time. I’m very happy and feel very honored.
Interviewer: How do you feel with the co-worker?
Pancake: I’m very happy. Thank you for choosing me to be presenter, It’s lot of fun, exciting, I wish everyone will looking forward to this CF.
Donghae: It’s a pity that we got very little time with Pancake.
Siwon: Overheard that Pancake is a CF princess here, It think it really suits her, as she is very hard working and is very professional. I really admired that and feel really honored to work with her.

Credit: Junearch for translating, & pingbook.com, siWONHYUKjae.com, cafe.sujuchu.com

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