[News]Brown Eyed Girls on YaShimManMan 2

Brown Eyed Girls are in New York right now but their episode of YaShimManMan Season 2 which will air on the 28th includes some juicy secrets regarding the girls!

Maknae Ga-In was asked numerous questions about her eyes, "How long does it take to do your eye make-up?", "When you go on a trip for more than one day somewhere far away, is it true you come back to the city to do your make-up?" Ga-In answered all of these questions honestly, gaining laughter from fellow guest stars.

She went on to explain what it was like to have uniquely shaped eyes. "Since my eyes are small and wide, people compare me to 2NE1's CL and the comedian Jung Ju-Ri. I saw Jung Ju-Ri in person once and we really do look alike."

Ga-In also shared her feelings on the Saucy Hip Swaying Dance in their song, "Abracadabra". She said that when she first saw the choreography, she was so shocked by how racy and sexy the whole dance was. She didn't even know what kind of face to make when she did the dance. The singer was also worried about her sexy scene in the music video. She said, "I watched Nine 1/2 Weeks and studied hard."

Then the Brown Eyed Girls talked about being jealous of the Wonder Girls. When Wonder Girls were taking Korea by storm with Tell Me, Narsha and Ga-In said they were very envious of their popularity. But now when the Brown Eyed Girls see people doing their dances, they feel happy and proud.

Narsha also talked about her connection with actress Ha Ji Won. She was asked about how she felt when people told her she looked like the actress. She replied by saying, "For me, that's a compliment. When I first debuted, and my face was not known at all someone asked me for an autograph thinking I was Ha Ji Won."

During the show, Narsha was asked many questions as well. They asked Narsha, "Ga-In is so popular right now, do you feel jealous at all?" , "Your wig on stage covers one of your eyes, do you have makeup on that eye?"


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