[NEWS]Lee Hyori and Lee Seung Gi voted the #1 entertainers netizens want to go back to hometown with this chuseok

Singer Lee Hyori and Lee SeungGi are voted the top entertainers Korean netizens want to go back to their hometown with this chuseok.

A survey was done on EduWill (www.eduwill.net) from 14th till 25th September on the question “Who is the entertainment you want to go back to your hometown with this chuseok”.

Go under the cut to see which other entertainments are voted on the survey.

The rest of the survey results:

Female celebrity category:
  1. Lee Hyori (426 votes – 35.4%)
  2. Kim TaeHee (18.7%)
  3. SooAe (16.2%) – who was recently popular with movie ‘Sword with no name’
  4. Han Ye Seul (15.8%)
  5. Song Hye Gyo (13.9%)

Male celebrity category:
  1. Lee Seung Gi (489 votes – 40.6%)
  2. Jang DongGun (19.2%)
  3. Yoon Sang Hyun (18.3%)
  4. Rain (14.3%)
  5. HyunBin (7.6%)
Credit:K BITES

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can just picture this.
    "Hey mom I brought home a new daughter for you."
    -steps aside to reveal Hyori-

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