[NEWS]Moon Geun Young and MC Mong are entertainers netizens want to make song-pyun with this chuseok

Actress Moon Geun Yeong and singer MC Mong have been voted the stars Korean netizens want to make song-pyun (traditional rice cake eaten during Chuseok festival) with.

Specialist education enterprise EduWill did a survey on 1204 netizens from 14th to 25th September on the question, “Which entertainer do you want to knead song-pyun with?” and the results were released on 28th September.

Guess which other entertainers were voted on the survey.

The rest of the results survey:
Female celebrity category
  1. Moon Geun Yeon (460 votes – 38.2%)
  2. So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA (20.5%)
  3. Yoon Eun Hye (16.9%)
  4. Son DamBi (13.4%)
  5. After School UEE (11.0%)
Male celebrity category
  1. MC Mong (387 votes – 32.1%)
  2. Big Bang DaeSung (26.3%)
  3. Alex (19.1%)
  4. Kim Jong Kook (15.4%)
  5. Son Ho Young (7.1%)

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