[News]Final member of ‘Secret’ revealed! TS Entertainment !

The forth, final and youngest member of the new upcoming girl group Secret, from TS Entertainment has been revealed as Han Sunhwa.

Han Sunhwa has been gaining lots of attention for her cute angelic looks, living up to her nickname "Angel Face (미소천사)." Sunhwa's first public appearances were in the first half of 2009, as she performed live with Untouchable for their track "Give you all (다줄께)." Not to be confused with the original singer, who is Secret's lead vocalist Song Ji Eun.

We're expecting big things from this group. Stay tuned for their debut later this month!


It has been reported Secret is under TS Entertainment company. *Cough* honestly i have not heard of TS before. Anyway i am not interested in Secret.I will stick back to 2NE1,SNSD,Fx,BEG,KARA and the few others.I wonder what trainees are they? I hope it is not as bad quality as Mnet's or even worst quality ! who knows?

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