[News]Wang Biho Gets 4minute

Known to serenade celebrities with harsh words, gagman Wang Biho continued his antics with his latest victims, 4minute!

As usual, Wang didn't mince words or sugarcoat his ideas - he directly questioned the relatively new girl group, "Are you guys just copying 2NE1?" Since 2NE1 and 4minute debuted around the same time people seemed to compare the two on their similarities. However, most comparisons have been done privately or online; Wang Biho actually came out and expressed these thoughts in front of national television.

The gagman continued on to name the members of 2NE1, "HyunA, Minzy, NaRa..." This caused Lee Su Geun to say, "Why are you getting the names wrong? HyunA is in 4minute!" Wang Biho replied, "If it wasn't for HyunA, no one would really know 4minute and therefore nobody would know I was getting the names mixed up."

He commented on Jiyoon, the member of 4minute, nicknamed Junglasses. He said, "Why do you keep wearing sunglasses? You're going to end up like Park Sang Min [a Korean singer who always wears sunglasses]. He can't even take off his sunglasses when he wants to," which brought a round of laughter from the audience.

He then bounced back to the subject of HyunA, exclaiming, "You should just go as a solo artist! I have a better vision for you as a soloist!"

Except for the comment about the sunglasses, it was reported 4minute made shocked faces when they were hit with the wave of criticism. Wang Biho can be hilarious but at the same time, his comments can hit the sore spot for some celebrities. What do you think, was this just fun & games or is there some truth in the comedian's statements?


First T-ARA now them. lol

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