[News]Kara Becomes Fashion Leaders! Selected as Shoe Models

Female group Kara have begun activities as shoe multishop models.

Kara recently have been selected by Shoe Multishop Lesmore. With their first time as being fashion brand models, Kara will sport a skinny fashion and neo-military style, to show the strong characteristic style.

Lesmore representative said, "Lesmore was looking for models with a young and sexy style, and Kara's members all have a strong character with clear charm, matching the image of Lesmore's Multishop."

Meanwhile Kara is gaining more popularity through double hits "Wanna" and "Mister."

Link: newsen
Link by: Mae
Translated by: tinggg@karaholic.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yay! KARA Jjang!!!

    Can't wait to see!

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